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Cultivate Gratitude

"Cultivating gratitude is the key to be able to realize what life is truly about and to be able to have that beautiful relationship we once had with our higher self."

Someone once said to me “Envision abundance,” and the first thing that came to my mind was what typically is considered to be abundance: the physical and tangible things. Then she said to me “Now envision what is true abundance? It is the infinite love that you have, and the abundance of oxygen that we all have.” Forget about what you once might have thought abundance looked like, because this is what true abundance is. Cultivating gratitude is the key to be able to realize what life is truly about and to be able to have that beautiful relationship we once had with our higher self. When we are grateful every day for the many amazing things that we have, we realize how perfect our creator made us. Be grateful for your toes and fingers, for the breath we have, for every part of your body, and for the smile that is bestowed upon you. Gratitude and compassion are the bridge to humility, and that is the bridge to our spirit. Practicing gratitude takes us on a journey to connect with all living things.

When you sit to eat, have a moment for gratitude for the hands that picked those fruits and vegetables, and the animals that might have given their life for your nourishment. My Mayan mentor once said to me:

Be grateful for the song that the birds give you as they nourish your sense of sound. Be grateful for the wholesome food that you are eating and the loving hands that prepared it as it nourishes your sense of taste. Be grateful for the scents of nature, such as its flowers, as they nourish your sense of smell. Be grateful for the sunrise, sunset, the moon and the stars as they nourish your sense of sight with their beauty. Lastly, be grateful for the beautiful, delicate oils of the earth, and its waters, dirt, and sand as they all nourish your sense of touch.

He said when you have an opportunity, take honey and apply it on your face and contemplate the nourishment of that sweet honey on your skin. Be grateful to the bees who made that honey that is nourishing your skin. When you nourish your five senses, your body, mind and spirit can be balanced, and that can help you connect to your true self: the higher self. While we have many things for which to be grateful, life itself is one of the most magnificent.

Gratitude can give you the opportunity to see life differently and for what it truly is. Being grateful for everything provides us with the gift of awareness. For instance, when you are grateful for the oxygen we have, it brings awareness of our breath, which impacts our physiology. Without breath, we cannot live. So imagine the importance of something we take for granted, such as breathing; it is the most vital thing we need to survive. Waking up early to see the sunrise is something for which to be very grateful. The sunrise fills the heart for the wonderful body that helps us function and live life. By practicing and cultivating gratitude, you will feel different, and your life perspective will start to change. Gratitude is cultivated, so give yourself the opportunity to start cultivating it today.


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